One of the Southern region's busiest character actors, Danny Vinson offers an honest and true performance within every line of the script.

His rugged looks have cast him in blockbuster and award-winning films. His diverse talent defies type casting as he portrays cowboys, lawyers, FBI Agents, priests, senators and more.

With a timeless look and multi dialects, Danny easily slips into any era and continues to showcase his skill on great productions, such as American Underdog Nashville The Birth of A Nation 42 The Astronauts Wives Club Walk the Line Honeydrippers Behind The Movement The Diary of A Whimpy Kid Crab Trap Women of The Movement The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, East Bound & Down, and Talladega Nights.

With over 100 film and TV credits,  Danny's star burns bright.


He was born . . . a poor redneck child