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Fried Green Tomorrows: Juliette GA Lives or doubled with A Killing Affair for 18.99

A documentary how a town has turned from dust.

From the success of the movie that was filmed in Juliette, GA, Fried Green Tomatoes turned a
kudzu-covered ghost town into the new tourist delight of the south.

Your Juliette experience is complete as you watch southern actor Danny Vinson take a lesiurely stroll down McCracken St. with four of his friends. Not only is there a visit to the Whistle Stop Cafe, but the merchants are interviewed and they give their outlook on the history, the town, and the movie.

After a while, Danny and his friends are so consumed with the mystique of Ruth and Idgie, they become the characters of Fried Green Tomatoes and a new adventure begins, including some one getting whacked with a frying pan.

The DVD contains 2 hours of viewing pleasure; including the 45 min. official tour de town.

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