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25TH-Year Anniversary Three DVD's


In celebration of our 25th anniversary we offer 3 DVD's in a 2- pack, containing three complete dvd's and any extras. All for 24.95

Fried Green Tomatoes (1991):

Kathy Bates stars as an unhappy wife trying to get her husband's attention in this amusing and moving 1991 screen adaptation of Fannie Flagg's novel Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. After befriending a lonely old woman (Jessica Tandy), Bates hears the story of a lifelong friendship between two other women (Mary Stuart Masterson and Mary-Louise Parker, seen in flashback) who once ran a cafe in town against many personal odds. The tale inspires Bates to take further command over her life, and there director Jon Avnet (Up Close and Personal), in his first feature, has fun with the film. Bates develops a real attitude toward her thickheaded spouse at home and some uppity girls in a parking lot, but dignity is generally the key to Avnet's approach with the story's crucial relationships. Tandy is a joy and clearly loves the element of mystery attached to her character, and Masterson and Parker are excellent in the historical sequences.

Fried Green Tomorrows (2007):
A documentary how a town has turned from dust.
From the success of the movie that was filmed in Juliette, GA, Fried Green Tomatoes turned a
kudzu-covered ghost town into the new tourist delight of the south.
Your Juliette experience is complete as you watch southern actor Danny Vinson take a lesiurely stroll down McCracken St. with four of his friends. Not only is there a visit to the Whistle Stop Cafe, but the merchants are interviewed and they give their outlook on the history, the town, and the movie.
After a while, Danny and his friends are so consumed with the mystique of Ruth and Idgie, they become the characters of Fried Green Tomatoes and a new adventure begins, including some one getting whacked with a frying pan.
The DVD contains 2 hours of viewing pleasure; including the 45 min. official tour de town.

A Killing Affair (1986):
You remember Whistle Stop, Alabama? Six years before that it was called Parrish, West Virginia.
Filmed in 1985, this murder/mystery took over all of Juliette.
Practically every building in town becomes part of Parrish, West Virginia in 1943;
including the now Cafe, the mill, and the Winery.
The unspoiler plot:
A woman in West Virginia takes in a drifter while her husband is away.
Her preacher brother then begins snooping into her life.
Will this drifter be her lover or killer?

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