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A Killing Affair or doubled with Fried Green Tomorrows documentary for $18.99

You remember Whistle Stop, Alabama.
Six years before that it was Parrish, West Virginia
future whistle stop
Filmed in 1985, this murder/mystery took over all of Juliette. Practically every building in town becomes part of Parrish, West Virginia in 1943; including the now Cafe, the mill, and the Winery.

The unspoiler plot:
A woman in West Virginia takes in a drifter while her husband is away. Her preacher brother then begins snooping into her life.

Will this drifter be her lover or killer?

dvd cover
future whistle stop
Starring Peter Weller
(RoboCop, Buckaroo Bonzai)
future whistle stop
Starring Kathy Baker [no, I didn't say Kathy Bates]
(Picket Fences, Edward Scissorhands))
future whistle stop
Starring John Glover
future whistle stop
Starring Bill Smitrovich
future whistle stop
And Starring the town of Juliette.

100 minutes/Rated R
future whistle stop

Also look for appearances by
Papa Threadgoode/Danny Nelson as
the disraught father,
and Idgies Attorney/Bob Hannah as Stillwell

For more info, go to

future whistle stop
future whistle stop

future whistle stop
future whistle stop

future whistle stop

Filmed entirely in Juliette.

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